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 The land of Rally of Tsumagoi, Tsumagoi village is located in Northwestern part of Gunma Prefecture. 150kms Northwest of Tokyo. The first  Rally of Tsumagoi was held in 2007 as a winter rally at Tsumagoi village where the shipping volume of cabbage is the top notch in Japan. The event in 2016 is going to be the 9th event and the competition will take place on a Snow and Ice Rallly with the cutting edge of 4WD rally cars.

At Tsumagoi village, most of the roads have been closed during the winter season. In order to make these roads available for the rally, we would like invite many spectators to encourage regional vitalization and at the same time wish many of the local residents to have a better understanding of motorsports.

Rally of Tsumagoi first started in 2007.  From 2008, the name has been changed to BICC Rally of Tsumagoi.  From 2009 it became a 2-day event.  In 2012, this rally has been categorized under JAF Eastern Japan Rally competition. And the became an FIA international status in 2016. We are receiving full support from the Tsumagoi village for snow removal.

 On Friday night of January 29, 2016, the spectator stage will be set up in the dark with welcoming hot wine. After four special stages, the rally goes to Hotel Green Plaza Karuizawa for service and Parc Ferme. On January 30, Saturday, 9 special stages, 31,sanday 8 special stages will be set up and we are planning a new stage for the spectators.
 On January 30 and 31, there is an Asama Highland Winter Festival at Hotel Green Plaza Karuizawa.  Families are very welcome.  All the organizing staff members of 2016 is welcoming many spectators to come to this event.


  Rally of Tsumagoi 2016 Offical Video


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