[for Competitors] Contact information registration during the event

Competitors must register at least 1 Crew and 1 Service email address and mobile phone number.

2.12 General and individual communication during the event
General and individual communication between all rally officials (Rally Control/COC, Rally Secretariat, CRO, Stewards,
Technical Delegates, etc.) and participants/crews will be carried out electronically (e-mail) wherever possible.

For this reason, each participant must nominate one person authorised to receive official notifications and the
contact details (mobile phone, email) of one crew member each by Wednesday 25 January at the latest.

Where to get the form: https://rally-tsumagoi.com/en/competitors/documents/

Registrants other than crew members should be contactable at the Service Park/Headquarters during the reconnaissance and the rally.


仮登録完了メールは、infomail@rally-tsumagoi.com のアドレスから自動送信されます。メールが届かない場合、次のような理由が考えられます。

  1. 迷惑メールフォルダにメールが届いていませんか?
  2. メールアドレスを誤って入力されていませんか?
  3. 携帯キャリアメールをお使いの場合は、ドメイン指定受信を設定いただく必要があります。